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Yahuah's Timing Is Everything!

"As believers, when we have goals we want to achieve we have to be careful not to put unnecessary pressure or stress on yourselves because we’ve bought into the world’s view of how and when we should achieve our goals." ~ Sadie B.

Recently I watched a video on YouTube by a young lady named Lynette Adkins. Her video is entitled: You Are Not A Self-Improvement Project. Here's the link to her video if you would like to check it out. Link:

Interestingly enough my response is not coming from the actual video, but rather the comments section of the video.

There was a comment left by a viewer who stated they set a goal for themselves and wanted to achieve it by a specific time.

They also expressed how they only had one year left to reach their goal, and how they were feeling anxious, stressed, and pressured to achieve their goal within their set time frame.

As believers, when we have goals we want to achieve we have to be careful not to put unnecessary pressure or stress on yourselves because we’ve bought into the world’s view of how and when we should achieve our goals. It may cause us to believe, if we don’t achieve our goals or ideas within a specific time frame, we are failures. And is most certainly not the case.

So, I would like us to take a moment to clarify two things:

1. Who our source is, and

2. Where we get our ideas from.

Never think you have to go after your ideas alone, and don’t believe you have to complete them in your own strength.

As the daughters of Zion, we understand that our goals are completed according to the timing of the ONE who gave them to us. Yahuah/The LORD!

We know we didn’t come up with these great ideas on our own... But It was Yahuah who gave them to us.

And so, that idea or desire to start a ministry, start a business, to get an education, to purchase the house, to obtain the car, or to establish your family... It was Yahuah who placed these things on your heart and gave you the desire to do them.

And so, we trust Yahuah/The LORD in all things, with an Understanding that He knows what’s best, and his timing is unmatched. Why? Because He sees and knows our beginning, our middle, and our end. And we trust what He says, and allow His word to lead and guide us.

It’s only then that we make room for Him to move on our behalf and open the doors to spaces we’re not able to open on our own.

Yahuah /The LORD is the only one who can cause everything to fall in line so you’re able to do the things He’s called you to do. It’s all YAHUAH’s doing, not our own. And it’s all done in YAHUAH’s timing not our own.

Psalm 24 lets us know… “The earth is Yahuah’s and everything in it.” And Psalm 119 tells us “Yahuah’s word is true and never failing.” And so, when we take in Yahuah’s Word and begin to live by it, It’s then that we embrace a life of ease… we're able to do the work He's called us to worry and burden free.

This is how we set goals and begin to do the work he’s called us to do. Trusting that our source ( which is YAHUAH ) is more than able to help us achieve what He said we could do.

So, you may be thinking, how do I know if what I want to do… aligns with what Yahuah wants me to do?

Well, if you have an idea that you connect deeply with, and it will be a help to others you can rest assured that Yahuah wants you to pursue it.

Or, if you have multiple ideas that will be a help to others… Yahuah has given you the ability to choose which one you want to work on now, and then work on the others at a later time.

And so, family, YES, it’s good to set goals for yourself when Yahuah gives you an idea, but keep in mind that you don’t have to go after them alone, You can invite Yahuah on your journey and know that He will cause all things to take place in due season. All you’ll have to do is stay the course and continue in the work He’s given you to do.

So, don’t set deadlines that will restrict and confine you to a schedule that’s not doable. Always leave room for Yahuah to work in His timing not ours.

Yahuah knows all you need to do, and everything that’s required to get the job done.

Remember, Abraham and Sarah received a word from Yahuah that they would have a son. At that time Abraham was 75 and Sarah was 65. Their promised son didn’t manifest until Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90. When operating in their own strength Abraham and Sarah decided they would have a child through Sarah’s servant Hagar,

but Hagar’s child, Ishmael was not the seed Yahuah promised to give Abraham and Sarah. 25 years had pass before Abraham and Sarah saw Yahuah’s promise of their son, Isaac.

Now I’m not saying it will take 25 years for you to see YOUR ideas, or your goals, or Yahuah’s promises to you manifest.

But what I want us to understand is that Yahuah moves on His own time and not ours. And his timing is perfect. So, continue to do “the work” Yahuah has placed on your heart to do and do it joyfully, knowing that in due season all will come to pass if you faint not!

Be encouraged. Continue in “the assignment” Yahuah has called you to. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Stay focused on your source (which is Yahuah) and trust that what He says will happen, will happen, in his timing, not ours. He knows best!

Until Next Time Family!

Bye 👋🏽☺️


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