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How To Establish a Growth Mindset at Work

What would you say if I asked you which part of your life is the most stressful? Most of us would probably say work, right? Jobs can be demanding and draining. In fact, according to The American Institute of Stress, job stress is the major source of stress in American adults and has escalated over the past few decades (hyperlink: A growth mindset can help us overcome workplace dissatisfaction. Growth mindsets help us broaden our horizons and surpass our obstacles. When we hear growth mindset over fixed mindset, sometimes our brains can go directly to personal life and achieving our personal goals. And while that is true, we must remember that growth mindsets can be utilized in all areas of life.

Before we talk about growth mindset in the workplace, let me explain what growth mindset is. A growth mindset is a way of thinking that allows you to grow. A person with a growth mindset is perseverant, accepts change, and is always looking for ways to learn and develop. In contrast, a fixed mindset is a way of thinking that is static. A person with a fixed mindset is not willing or thinks they are unable to change or grow, especially when it comes to learning new skills or overcoming obstacles. Although we may not realize, many of us have fixed mindsets when it comes to certain situations. Before we progress, a growth mindset is needed to advance to the next stage in our lives.

Growth mindsets in the workplace allow us to change our perspective and view our job in a completely different way.

A fixed mindset at work gives us no room to thrive, showcase our talents, or achieve new skills. An employee with a fixed mindset may find themselves stressed when faced with a change in procedures or dissatisfied when they see promotion opportunities they don’t believe they’re qualified for. The static thoughts of a person with a fixed mindset traps them into constantly thinking “they can’t.”

Growth mindsets change the point of view of an employee by incorporating thoughts of development. When faced with a change in procedures, growth mindset employees view that as an opportunity to learn new skills and adapt to a changing environment. People with growth mindsets are great candidates for promotions because they prioritize development, education, and adaptability. When our thoughts shift to a growth mindset in the workplace, we are able to feel more comfortable and hopeful in our professional lives.

How to establish a workplace growth mindset

Now that we know how great growth mindsets can be at work, how can we establish one?

Here are some steps you can take to create a growth mindset in your professional life:

· Be courageous – It takes courage to try anything new, but the rewards are well worth it

· Seek out learning opportunities and new skills – Learning new skills not only makes you a well-rounded person, but it’s also marketable when it comes to new jobs and promotions

· Do not be afraid to make mistakes – Mistakes are inevitable, they also help us learn and grow

· Incorporate “Yet” into your language – Get in the habit of saying phrases like, “I haven’t mastered that new procedure yet” or “I haven’t gotten that promotion yet

· Don’t be too hard on yourself – We are our own worst critic. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself


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