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Personal Development

*See Calendar For Available Class Dates

**Limited Seats Available

Eat and Drink to LIVE! $39.99

In this workshop we'll learn how to make a few delicious and healthy juices as well as enjoy a healthy vegan friendly meal together!

In-Person Workshop Includes:

- Juices

- Vegan Friendly Meal (TBA)

- Valuable Take Home Information on Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Properties 

(The Juice and Meal Recipes will be emailed to you 2days prior to the start of class in case of dietary restrictions)

Financial Growth

Financial Budgeting 101 $39.99

In this workshop we'll learn the importance of budgeting and how to put first things first. You'll also learn the difference between good debt and bad debt, along with how to use credit and credit cards wisely. This class is perfect for young adults who have just started Adulting☺️

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