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A Christian based organization dedicated to helping African American women embrace a Growth Mindset from a Christian/Biblical Perspective, Set Their Goals, and Implement Plans of Action with built in Accountability. We also offer courses that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, so women can Boldly and Confidently accomplish all that the LORD has placed on their hearts to do.

Through Webinars, Workshops, and Online Courses We'll Help You:

- Renew your Mindset with The 7Day Mindset Challenge & The Mindset Makeover System. 

(Embracing your Identity and Developing a Growth Mindset based on the word of YHWH/God)

Create Vision Boards (To provide clear direction and focus toward your vision/goals)

- Set Attainable Goals (Realistic goals that are relevant to your vision)

- Implement Plans of Action and Accountability* (Take your vision/goals from paper to reality with an accountability partner.) * 1:1 session(s) / Prerequisites are required.

We Also Offer...

- Our Annual HWMSisters Achsah Retreat (That Foster Sisterhood!) and

- Book Reviews and Suggested Reads


New Courses Coming Soon:

- Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Learn what's needed to start and run a business) 

- Creating an Online Course (Learn how to turn your knowledge, skills, and experiences into an online course)

- Becoming a Notary Public (Learn how you can earn additional income or start a new career)

- Health and Wellness (Learn how to eat healthy and the importance of staying active)

- Financial Growth (Learn the importance of budgeting and putting first things first)

- Creative Writing and Copy (Learn how to use creative writing and copy to grab the attention of your audience)


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