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Hanging With My Sisters

Renew your Mindset, Overcome Self-Doubt & Fear, Gain Confidence

and Gather Courage to Achieve ANY Goal!

My name is Sadie Barrett. I am the founder of HWMSisters, LLC. I am also a mindset and business coach, a US Army veteran, a lover of arts and crafts, a proud mother, and a naturalista. God is my Foundation, my Rock, my EVERYTHING!🙌🏽


Over the past 20 years I've worked in the manufacturing industry and although grateful for the positions I've held I've always felt there was more for me to accomplish outside of the traditional 9-5. 

It was during this time I decided to go after my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

But because of my way of thinking at that time I found myself saying statements like...

  • “I  can’t start a business because I don’t have a lot of money.” or

  • “I can’t start a business because I don’t have the education that’s needed.” or

  • “I can’t start a business because I don’t have any connections with other entrepreneurs.”

It was this way of thinking that kept me from moving my business forward and made me feel incapable. I knew if I was going to achieve my goal(s) I would first have to change my thought process.

  • I began to tell myself in spite of how much money I have, I will start today and do a little at a time until complete.

  • I told myself I will make learning a priority and get the knowledge needed to fulfill my dreams and goals.

  • I also told myself I will surround myself with positive like minded people (online and/or in person) and make connections, be inspired, and receive support.


Whatever your dreams and goals are, focus all of your attention on seeing them through to fruition. Don't be afraid to start building now, even if you have to do it little by little.


Celebrate your #Wins🥳 big and small!


I get super excited when I see others achieve their goals.

Why? Because:

  • I know what it's like to have self doubt and feel uncertain.

  • I know how it feels to have a dream or goal you want to achieve but don't know where to go for help and guidance.

  • And, It's what I love to do.


This is why I believe knowing your "WHY" is important.

What drives you to fulfill your dreams, goals and/or purpose?

Knowing and revisiting your "WHY" will give you the strength needed

to keep going when you encounter doubt and fear.


Don't put anything off another day. Even if you complete a small task today...

that means you're that much closer to achieving your goals than you were yesterday!

HWMSisters was created to be a place where you can receive knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and support when going after your dreams, achieve your goals, and fulfilling your God given purpose.


Again, Welcome to HWMSisters!

If you would like to be a part of the HWMSisters family consider joining our mindset makeover squad.

Allow us to cheer you on and encourage you on your journey toward achieving your goals and fulfilling your purpose. 


Hope to connect with you soon :)

Until next time,

Sadie B.❤

Thank you for making The HWMSisters Connection!